Dr. Vrushali, A Miracle Doctor - By Kiran Vyas

My daughter Miss Priyanka is now 16 years old, she is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since the last nine years. Her first symptoms were diagnosed at Jas Lok Hospital. She was under Allopathic medication since then. Her medicines were Folitrax Inj., HCQS tab., Saaz tab., Inmecin Cap., Folvite and Steroids of high dose. During this time when her pain was very severe she was given very high cost hublot replica recurring injection like Enbrel. She was given 28 injections in a span of three months but her pain was under control only till the effect of the injection lasted. Six months back she again complaint of severe pain, then her Rheumatologist prescribed injection Actemera, but very less effect. Even after so much medication her RA problem persisted and due to heavy doses of steroids she succumb led to various other side effects like her both cheap rolex replica hips are damaged, frozen left shoulder, deformity in the knees and hampered her normal growth.

Two months back she was diagnosed with gall stone and even after much omega replica sale medication her stomach pain persisted along with vomiting, she was then recommended to operation. Then a doctor friend of mine recommended her to Dr. Vrushali S. Bhosale, practicing Homoeopath and family physician, she has been a turning point in my daughter’s life. She not only treated her for gall stone but also took good care of her RA factor. Dr. Vrushali’s positive replica watches sale approach and her confidence regarding Priyanka’s chronic problem has given us the much needed support and will power to undergo this difficult face of our life. On the third day of her homoeopathy medicine she felt relieved from her abdomen pain and subsequently vomiting also. But the most amazing fact was that she felt much relief from her joint pain, within a week of longines replica time. She could also bring down her steroids intake to half the dose. We are tried a homoeopathy in the past with other doctors too, but in vain. Not even one percent relief did rolex replica sale she get, we had lost complete fait in homoeopathy until we met Dr. Vrushali. She is named by Priyanka as “MIRACLE DOCTOR?and in fact it is shear magic and wonder that her medicines are doing. We as Priyaka’s parents are assured that our daughter is now finally in safe hands. As all her allopathic medicines are being slowly tapered, we are very much relived.

Dr. Vrushali not only treats her patients with medicines but also exerts a positive energy in to the patients which it self causes a soothing effects.

Kiran Vyas
Perfect Intelligency Services Pvt.  Ltd

Yours truly



My experience with Dr. Vrushali - By Sujatha

It was an emergency which made us rush to Dr.Vrushali, my mother having hurt her hand in the mixer on a Sunday afternoon.

Dr.Vrushali immediately attended to her and did the needful although we were not her regular patients and although her clinic was closed. She immediately administered the injection and also injected life in our tense hearts by saying that it was only a small cut and prescribed the necessary medicines.

Also, I was undergoing severe stress due to a personal incident. She was able to make out that I was under stress just by looking at me and I started consulting her to combat my stress.

She was very quick at diagnosing and understanding what I required and helped me find outlets to release the stress and also prescribed me medicines which have helped me a lot in reducing the stress. She made me open up to her by understanding my feelings which also aided in the reduction of stress in a long way.

Wish her all the best and thank her for the immense help.

Yours truly
Sujatha Ramchandran,
Bank employee

Stress Management workshop by Dr.Vrushali, a wonderful experience - By Shakti Verma

It was wonderful experience to be part of this “Stress Management?workshop, the knowledge we received through the “Stress Management?workshop was indeed meticulous & effective.

Presentation on Stress Management and one to one counselling session was most appreciable. We are confident that after this workshop our employees will be more cheerful, less stressed and have more positive attitude towards work and family life. We sincerely thank you to provide this opportunity to inspire our team.

We look forward for that you will be able to conduct this excellent workshop for our remaining colleagues in coming days.

Yours truly

Shakti Chand Verma
General Manager
Aker MH (India) Private Limited

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