Corporate Sector

At VFHS, we dwell into all aspects of a human life ?mental, physical and social. We believe in providing the best possible services at optimal charges and helping the employees to enjoy their work which in turn gives maximum work output to their employer.

Our competencies are as follows:

 Stress management and coping methods.

Holistic health care.

P Fitness assessment.

Breathing exercises and yoga.

 General medical consultation of INDIVIDUAL employees.

Wellness profile of each employee.

Assessment of stress factor for each INDIVIDUAL, including members of the management team.

Support and supervise implementation of the alternative methods of treatment for employees who opt for it.

Routine health screening clinical as well as pathological services if required.

Physical fitness activities.

Lifestyle change or behavioural change initiatives.

Smoking cessation.

Gynecological consultation for female employees.

Elder care programmes.

Diabetes management.

Obesity management.

Hypertension management.

Prenatal and postnatal care programmes.

Stress Management for Students

Emotional problems

Exam fear

Performance anxiety

Sleep problems

Fear of crowded places

Counselling for stammering

Teenage problems

Stubborn children & conduct problems

Tension headache

Stress management

Anxiety management

Management of obsessive & compulsive behaviour and thoughts

Psychotherapy for all emotional problems

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